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It’s the first Monday of the month and that means it’s time for the second look into someone’s travel bag! This month Rugged and Fancy is featuring one of our own, the other half of Rugged and Fancy, Mr. Duquette Johnston. Duquette is the Duke of All Trades, film/photo producer, sculptor, record producer, carpenter, idea man, connector, and professional musician of over twenty years. And he just so happens to be leaving today for a short run of shows with his latest band, Gum Creek Killers and the amazing Adam Faucett.  So it’s perfect timing to take a look into the tour bag of a Rugged and Fancy man. (Duke also happens to be my husband, y’all!)

A few notes on the photos above, in the rush to get everything done and send him off on tour, we had to take photos with an iPhone so please excuse the poor quality! Also, the last photo is a group shot of Gum Creek Killers that the incomparable photographer Jason Wallis and I concepted together last year. He photographed it and I styled it and it won an ADDY as well as was featured in the 2011 Communication Arts Annual.


1.What is your secret to style on tour?

Keeping things simple is key for me when touring. Wether it is for a week,like this one, or for a month. I automatically overpack because I fear the weather will always change when on the road and I don’t want to be unprepared. So having a basic uniform to go off of really helps me.

2. Is there something you always look for when traveling?

Ahh Yes. Barbershops, good local food, and any great places for Rugged and Fancy to go back and visit and shop. I really like the fact I am building a networks of Barbers so, when on the road, I can always get a tune up. It can be a little frightening to go to a Barber you have never been to. But, when you get a good one, you walk out feeling like all bad things have been left behind and you can take on the world.

3. What is your secret cheap buy? Your secret splurge?

My secret cheap buy is denim. While I would love a pair of really nice jeans I currently only wear Levi’s 501’s.
I wear denim out faster than anyone I know, so I have not bought a higher end pair. But when I do you better believe I will be going straight to my friends at Imogene+Willie. Until then I love the cut of the 501’s and I can go to a mens store like the incredible Sid Mashburn in Atlanta and get a pair of 501’s for $55 and get them custom tailored and still not break the bank. They should be showing up on our door step any day now. I’m going to photograph them weekly so you can see the destruction I bring to denim. I wear them when building a sculpture, working in the yard, building random things, playing on stage, wrestling mountain lions, okay not the last part. You get the picture.
If I tell you my secret splurge then it is not a secret, now is it? Okay well, I buy deodorant from Malin+Goetz.
I hate cheap smells, so while I have tried just some good old fashioned Speedstick, at the end of the day I would rather smell like sweat than cheap deodorant. I will not wear antiperspirant with all the odd chemicals in it. The Malin and Goetz Eucalyptus deodorant is all natural, lasts a long time, and smells great. Plus I am not putting unnecessary amounts of Aluminum into my body.
I also love the Chiefs Face wash with Eucalyptus and menthol in it.
Might be my favorite I have ever had, it’s really invigorating and snaps you to first thing in the morning— a rather important thing when on tour.

Also some good eye cream/gel so I don’t look like I have had my ass kicked every morning when I wake up. I’m currently using the Art of Shaving. I tend to switch it up a bit.

My other splurge is boots and Billy Reid shirts. If I could afford his boots I would buy those as well. His shirts always fit just right. After I bought my first one, I threw most all of my other shirts away.

4.Do you have any style icons?

Oh good Lord I am not sure I have the time to answer this as well as I should. For me everything has come full circle and gone back to my childhood. (Duquette grew up in Wyoming, spending the first few years of his life in a tent.  Later years of his adolescence were spent between Wyoming, Tennessee, and Alabama.) I truly dress like I did as a kid.

As a very young child, it was my dad and the clothes he wore on our ranch. Denim, boots, work shirts, leather belt, a good knife, you know the basics. I loved Paul Newman my whole life. Cool Hand Luke is hands down a favorite as is Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. I loved the style of the characters in the movie. And my Grandpa Duke with his LL Bean shirts and Pendletons and Red Wings.  He’s still a big influence. 

5. Do you have any style/grooming rituals while on the road?

Well I have a couple of strange OCD ones that no one needs to ever know. I used to be very superstitious about bathing. I thought the dirtier I was, the better the music would sound.

To a degree I believe that still, but as you can tell from my splurges I like to smell good. I think someone can be dirty and still smell good.

I have a certain oil scent I have to make sure I smell when on stage or, hell, anytime I am awake. I love essential oils. I can’t tell you what I use, but rest assured I use them everyday.

I also have a hoody I am obsessed with. When recording I have to have it on and sometimes at soundcheck I have to wear it. All the others are very top secret.

Gum Creek Killers have a FREE EP for download here.
Tonight, Monday 11/7 they’re in Nashville, TN at Third and LindsleyTuesday 11/8 Chattanooga at Joe Fridays/O’Heniey’s PubWednesday 11/9 Asheville, NC at ModaddysThursday 11/10 Birmingham, AL at Parkside Cafe

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