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Hello Rugged and Fancy friends!

I am back from a whirlwind few weeks, most recently having worked on an AWESOME job with one of the best crews I’ve had the pleasure of working with! This job took us on the road, burning 1000 miles in six shooting days. It was wild and amazing, and afforded me the honor of seeing some really special places like Studio A of Fame Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, a real Civil War reenactment, the USS Alabama inside and out, and the great pleasure of preparing food with Chef Frank Stitt. (What an honor, right there y’all!)

While I was out on the production road, my husband was out on tour with The Gum Creek Killers. Their new EP Coat of Arms is available for FREE download at It hit the Noisetrade top three downloads within days of going up! So proud of em! 

Husband and I didn’t get to see each other for two weeks, and missed our anniversary as I was wrapping up my shoot at the beach (rough life, right?). He totally surprised me and had the most beautiful flowers delivered to my hotel room without me suspecting a thing. Do I have a good man or what? 

I love what he and I are so blessed to do in life. We both love being out on the road, on the go. But there’s something really special about coming home. Especially when you haven’t been out together. Now that I am back in town for a bit the regular blogging will resume! It is good to be back!!

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